Mirror: What Did I Do?

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McNulty’s famous line “What the fuck did I do?” appears all over “The Wire”. Here we have a scene from Season 1, Episode 1 where he’s in a bar talking with Bunk and saying he feels like a character from “Bridge On The River Kwai” and says “What the fuck did I do?”

On the right, another scene from Season 1, this time from Episode 2, where he’s talking to Daniels who is chewing him out for not following the chain of command and everyone is getting too much unwanted attention from their bosses. ¬†Once again, he puts on his big dumb facial expression and utters the now-famous “What the fuck did I do?”

s01ep02 s01ep01wtf

In both images, he is wearing a suit and tie, and appears to be an adult male, but both times he says his famous quote, he manages to seem like an innocent school boy who is genuinely puzzled about why he’s being punished for no reason he can fathom.



3 responses to “Mirror: What Did I Do?

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  2. Paul

    “appears to be an adult male” – nicely put. It might make an interesting project to string together all the scenes where he uses his catch phrase. Maybe I’ll have to look into that.


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