Look, Listen, Analyze: Lamar Is Lost

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Season 3, Episode 10 opening scenes with Brother Mouzone “Reformation”

“We are in Baltimore, Lamar. Baltimore, Maryland.” I love Brother Mouzone’s intensity, and the clarity with which he delivers his lines.  Each consonant is as precise as the knot on his bow tie.  He is crisp, clean, and clear in his convictions and his purpose. The cadence of his speech is very measured with distinct pauses between words.

I think it’s interesting he drives his own car, rather than having his bodyguard do it. This scene in the motel room is interesting because the camera is at first focused on poor Lamar trying to make sense out of a Baltimore city street map, and then the camera focuses on Brother Mouzone in the background.  He doesn’t need a map because he knows where he is and where he’s going. When the camera focuses in on Brother Mouzone in the background, it also slides around to the right to capture the reading lamp on the left side.  This results in a balanced triangle with Lamar in the foreground, blurred, and the lamp and Brother Mouzone in the background, sharply in focus and both illuminated.

The background sound of sirens disturbs him and he looks up and appears to consider them thoughtfully. You get the sense that he is thoughtful and deliberate, never rushed and certainly not desperate. He makes a plan and executes it. He arrives at the site of the former towers and tells Lamar there’s “a slow train coming”. The slow train of reform.  His chuckle sounds deadly. What in the world does this guy have planned?  Poor Lamar had better figure out which direction he’s headed, or at the very least get out of the way of that slow moving train of reform.


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