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Today’s Daily Create was to imagine you get a pass to go back in your life and change something or do it differently. Being very college-focused right now has also gotten me thinking about my previous college life when I earned my first Bachelor’s degree a million years ago.  I goofed off a lot and should/could have done a lot better academically.


“If I could go back and change something in my past, without terribly altering the future, I would go tell my past self to take college more seriously that first time around. Here I am, three decades later getting another degree and taking it VERY seriously and doing well. In fact, doing much better academically than I did the first time around when I let myself get distracted by every shiny object in my path.

College is wasted on the young and I wish I could go back and bop myself on the head and do a wake-up call.”

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  2. Nick Randall

    School seems to be one of those interesting things people want to redo. Especially since it really helps determine what you are doing for the rest of your life.

    Interesting choice!


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