“Just Turn it Sideways…”

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Season 3 Episodes 2,3 4 Notes:

Scared straight vs. bored stiff, yep those kids weren’t scared at all — they’ve seen dead bodies before.

“Marlo? Yeah yeah he was here.  Now he ain’t.”    Poor Bodie can’t get a straight answer out of this new young crowd that mans the corners.  What are times coming to?

I could’ve done without the dog fighting scenes, I get that it’s a dog-eat-dog vicious world.

“Just turn it sideways on ya head.”   Totally loved the hat/turned bill explanation, but it seemed unrealistic for the kid to answer Herc so politely when they are sneering at each other in other scenes.

Poot sums it up best, everyone always says “these new kids, they’re a new breed now”, shortly after the “woof” killing when a corner man was reminiscing to his pals about a legendary tough guy who ran right up to police stations.

Very funny when Bodie/Poot run into Carver/Herc at the movie theatre.  Worlds collide!

Cops not realizing they’re hearing about dead dogs rather than humans. Bunk’s impression of Cheese to Cheese’s face in the interrogation was funny.

McNulty sitting in D’Angelo’s apartment – worlds colliding again, especially when he picks up his kid!

McNulty quote” You’re talking about giving up the wire?”  NOOOOOOOOO!!!! We’re not ready to give up “The Wire” yet!!

For me the best moment of the entire show “The Wire” is Colvin’s paper bag.  It’s a monumental moment in the evolution of criminal law enforcement, and when he puts it into motion with Hamsterdam, it’s the first time we see a really significant adaptation on the police side of things. He’s trying to work within a crappy system with rules set up to ensure his failure, and he comes up with an inventive solution. The devil was let out of the hole the very first time a police officer juked the stats, and it seems there’s no sticking that genie back in the bottle.

Taylor being relieved and replaced by his second-in-command totally reminded me of a scene from Star Wars  where Darth Vader killed an Admiral on the bridge of his command, and promoted the next in command on the spot.

Proposition Joe’s statement that boredom kills more police than anything else was interesting, especially since it resulted in a shift of focus of Daniel’s crew to Prince K.

Another interesting moment was when Omar was in the middle of a stash heist when he realized he and his group were compromised.  He dropped the stash and started firing to provide cover for his people, rather than try to escape with the stash.  He lost one, but managed to save the rest with his leadership.

Marlo calls in one of his salesmen, mirroring the recent scene in the police brass briefing about numbers being up vs. down.

Detective Ray Cole is gone, as is his real-life creator and portrayer, Bob Colesberry and I thought it was nice they worked it into the show. The Irish wake where he was laid out on the pool table made for good stories and it was nice to see Jay Landsman giving the eulogy. At first I found it hard to believe that Lester Freamon would know the words to an Irish drinking song, but if he’s had such a long career, surely he’s been to many of these gatherings and that would explain it.

I’m dying to know: What does Jay Landsman slip into Cole’s pocket at the Irish wake?

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