It’s All In The Beads, Yo

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My Story Beads


My bead story begins with my first undergraduate degree in Biology, symbolized by the green and blue glass bead at #1. Pretty much beginning around that time, I began rudimentary computer gaming. I say “rudimentary”, because it was pretty primitive stuff back in the late ’80s. The 20-sided die (at #2) is frequently used in paper/dice gaming such as Dungeons & Dragons, which is what I was playing at the time that fed into the computer gaming and subsequent programming interests (at #3).  A number of years went by, marriage, kids, jobs in web development, and I said “Hey, I could go back to school and REALLY do this computer science thing” so here I am at UMW (#4), majoring in computer science.  This has lead into an interest in tinkering with small electronic gadgets, some soldering, breadboarding of circuits and a real desire to fool around with robotics, hence the gears charm at #5. I still make time to have a cup of latte (#6) with pals to discuss world issues and interests, and I’m really interested to see where all of this storytelling-journey-timeline-of-beads leads.





4 responses to “It’s All In The Beads, Yo

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  2. Jim Groom

    I love this, telling your story through beads. Also, what’s is it with you and beads? The story beads, the Greek’s worry beads, etc. You really love your beads, don’t you?

    1. Quinntero Post author

      Ya know, I hadn’t noticed how beady I was until you mentioned it. Maybe Beadie Russell has influenced my subconscious and now it’s ALL BEADS ALL THE TIME!


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