Idris Got Flex a.k.a. Weeks 11-12 Summary

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Season 3, episodes 11, 12 Season 4, episodes 1-4:

I watched ‘em all.  For the third time.  I’m hooked on The Wire and it’s all Jim Groom’s fault.

My favorite highlights centered around  the recurring theme of reinvention and adaptation (flex) of our favorite characters: The final culmination of B & B’s relationship, ending in mutual betrayal and Stringer’s death. Also, it’s the end of Season 3. Also, it’s the end of Idris on The Wire. Incoming, Season 4 and it’s back-to-school for the young-uns.  Herc in a suit. Colvin working as civilian security. “Bubble’s Depo” shopping cart.  He even got the possessive apostrophe right.  Love ya, Bubbs. Carcetti wants to be mayor.  Well, it started out that he wanted to be mayor.  Now it’s starting to seem like he just wants to win an election. There’s a difference. Oh, and Mr. Prez is rocking the back-to-school theme.

4 Daily Creates:

Caption ThisConfused Beavers

So Much To Take InCamera Halo

Mouse Meme106keteer

It All Started When I Typed Hello“It’s Just A Fad”

Live Tweet-Along: Nov. 4

My favorite part of the commentary was learning that Idris Elba didn’t know his character, Stringer, was getting killed off.  I’m sure the actor felt some sort of job security because he was playing a main character, but hey, it’s all in The Game.  He’s done quite well for himself since then, because he’s got FLEX.

Here are some highlights:

16 Stars of Video Assignments:


Swede A Scene – 4.5 stars – “The Pager” Swede


Video Essay – 5 stars – “Discovering Omar”


Range of Emotions – 1.5 stars – Creepy


Supercut It – 5 stars – “Clay Davis: A Man of Few Words”


Final Project – I picked Bubbles, to expand on a fictional write-up I did for a previous assignment, “Downton Shabby“.  Bubbles is not only headed for a gender change, but a whole new world is going to open up for this character. I will Bubbles’ media links on the spreadsheet, as requested.

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