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Story Teller by Andy Thomas

Story Teller by Andy Thomas

The Facebook site “The Wire” at the time I viewed it appeared little more than a few scraps of advertising and contest entry invitations. The only impression I picked up here was one of stale yesteryears.  Merchants selling mugs and DvDs, no story here for me. Facebook can be an excellent platform for storytelling, blogging, and other epistolary forms because of its temporally-based nature and collaborative tools, which was expounded upon by Alexander’s discussion of various blogging sites.  However, the specific account “The Wire” appears to be nothing more than a collection of billboards hosting advertising.

The Tumblr site “Scenes from The Wire” provides captioned mini-scenes as animated gifs.  Without any framework stitching the scenes together, it becomes more dependent upon story receiving than storytelling.  The burden of story is upon the reader/viewer to fill in the interstices with personal experiences to provide a contextual framework to understand these snapshots, in the absence of knowing the story of “The Wire”. The images are chosen randomly, so much like the battle scenes mentioned in “Web 2.0 Storytelling”, the order of images can have a tremendous effect on the tale being told, or seem like an unrelated mosaic of images missing any kind of context. The randomness inserted by a computer program choosing the images and captioning them, then posting them feels like something out of Asimov’s I, Robot.




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  1. Lauren Brumfield

    You make some valid, very interesting points. I just wrote my reflection piece on Web 2.0 where I argued that they both were a form of Digital Storytelling. Its interesting to see different perspectives! However I do have to ask.. don’t you think that the “timeline” format on Facebook changes things? There’s a beginning, and there’s an end (or most recent post, I guess.) I feel like that has to had a level of “story,” don’t you think?

    1. Quinntero Post author

      I feel that with only a timeline, I’m having to bring a lot of interpretation to the table to create a story for myself.


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