Guinea Pig World Domination

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Clearly, guinea pigs are evolving in an effort towards world domination.  They are masking this attempt by being oddly cute, but beware, any day now their alien overlords will return to check on their evolutionary progress.

I began this daily create by importing the striped hyena image and the guinea pig image as layers into Photoshop. I went with the most outrageous hyena species I could find for the most dramatic effect. Hyenas (along with guinea pigs) seem to be unlikely animals to be planning anything, much less world domination. Then I used the magic wand to clip out the guinea pig face and delete the rest of his body. I added the text with some background drop shadow.  I experimented with the healing brush tool in an attempt to blend the fur where I joined the head and the body of the two different animals, but it is not as smooth as I’d like.  I need to figure out how to more effectively blend or merge different textures and colors to appear more smoothly.

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