Green Eggs & Spam

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This assignment  was to take the original assignment “Computer Books for Kids” and remix it as a mood swap.  It’s from the original Dr. Seuss story “Green Eggs and Ham” which is a journey of learning that prejudices and closed minds limit your ability to learn and experience new things. In the end, we learn that green eggs and ham are pretty good, even though they are outside the realm of one’s familiarity.  Trying new things turned out to be a good option.

I incorporated spam into the title to not only bring in the computer aspect of the assignment, but it also gives us the mood swap.  While you might want to sample green eggs and ham to find out if it’s good, you don’t need to open spam on your computer to realize that it’s bad.  Nothing good will come of it, and in fact, the very opening of it can cause problems on your computer.  In this case, trying new things might not be the best option.

Dr. Seuss would not have liked green eggs and spam.



3 responses to “Green Eggs & Spam

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  2. Brittany Scites

    You did a great job with the lettering! I almost can’t tell that you change it. The meaning behind it is also great. At first I thought spam like the “food” (if you can call it that) but then I read the explanation. Good job!


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