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Making animated .GIFs for the first time was a big time sink, so I’m glad I started earlier in the week on the learning process.  At this point in the season, the development of characters is still new and under development, so I focused on their personalities as I summarized The Wire: Season 1 Episode 3 “The Buys”.

While I am not totally happy with the image resolution quality, at this point I was more concerned with smooth frame transitions and good placement and color of text.  I tried to get the text color to complement something else in each scene.  In this first scene, I placed the text in between the two characters’ hand gestures so they would frame it.


McNulty fancies himself a ” leader of men” and in this scene he tries to convince two other cops to go complete a task which will further the investigation on Avon Barksdale.  Here, he is telling Mahone that they are working so well, that they are “two horses, together in a harness”.


This is the infamous scene where D’Angelo teaches Wallace and Bodie how to play chess.  The metaphorical relationships are obvious to everyone in the scene, and my favorite line is “The king stay the king”. It’s clear to everyone present that they are pawns, and while they might aspire to become other players in the game, they will never be the king.


McNulty learns that Kima Greggs is a lesbian. A bigger deal when the The Wire aired in 2002 than it is now, one hopes.


Sydnor the cop is on the right, making a “hand-to-hand” drug buy while Kima takes photos to document the Barksdale system in action. This is the basic groundwork that needs to happen so the cops can begin understanding the complex drug traffic they are surveying.


My all-time favorite scene from this episode.  D’Angelo went out to get sandwiches for everyone, and comes back right after Omar has robbed them of the stash.  The expression on D’Angelo’s face is priceless.  He knows something is up, but hasn’t found out that it was Omar who just peeled off in a white van with the Barksdale stash.


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  1. Jim Groom

    I agree with Jon, you did an awesome job capturing this GIFs and really crystallizing moments of the episodes, but also characters. I agree with you about the D’Angelo GIF, it really does capture a side of him with no words at all. Just acting.

    And Kima telling McNulty she dates women is a great moment, and the king stay the king GIF is awesome, one of my favorites yet. Fine work, I’m loving your work thus far.


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