“Everything Connects, It All Matters”

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Episode Notes

Season 2, Episode 12 with Commentary

You see workman’s boots sticking out under the tarp as the body is removed on the Stokes from the water, so right away you know it’s probably who you think it is.

Didn’t realize so many scenes were cut out.  Still, it’s better in this time format with no commercials than a typical network television show that has TONS of commercials and increasingly shrinking amounts of story content.

The commentators said “this whole episode is about the eyes” when they were referring to the facial reactions of characters.  I hadn’t realized how many of the scenes had camera close-up shots focusing on characters’ eyes until they mentioned that.

I thought Beadie’s reaction as Sobotka’s body was removed was some of the best acting the character did in the entire show.  Very moving.

The commentators made the same point that Jen Ralston had made, which was that music wasn’t used as a tool to yank the viewer’s emotions and tell us what we should be feeling, it was instead used much more subtly as a gentle backdrop we could experience along with the rest of the environment of the scene.

I just love commentary tracks, especially after I’ve already watched something first without one.  The second-time-around experience along with an expert to provide details I might’ve missed is really fun for me.

The focusing in and out of Frank Sobotka’s picture on the wall in the interrogation room behind Nick as he’s being questioned was a nice cinematography moment.

The scene of Greggs and her very pregnant partner going baby shopping was a nice scene establishing how out-of-touch Greggs is with the baby coming.  She clearly hasn’t processed it at all.

Avon’s hesitation in returning Stringer Bell’s fist bump in the jail visitation scene was something I hadn’t picked up on the first time around, as the commentators said, is the first time we see the beginning of a breakdown in their relationship.

It was funny to learn that the actor who plays Sergei has a deep Southern accent and read for the part with a put-on Eastern European accent.

Lester leaves The Greek’s photo up on the board when he packs up the case in a box and turns out the lights on the room.  It’s a piece of unfinished business upon which we never get closure.


Season 3, Episode 1

The building demolition being done in post-production speaks well to the editing of the shots that made everything including characters’ reactions plausible.

Phone numbers have to be cleared for use in television shows, which reserve them so citizens don’t get pestered.  Maybe now those numbers are available – who knows?

Roberts Rules of Order, Stringer Bell style.  Idris conquers his British accent and is very believable.

Cues, names, pictures, and orange shirts all for helping the viewer follow who is who in certain scenes.

Hah, I didn’t know the outdoor prison scenes were filmed at Lorton.

They worked in a previous Police Commissioner of Baltimore as a detective on a scene and his big line is “I love this town”.  I like how they worked in details like that, by using real police officers current and former.

The Comstat poster behind Rawls is something I totally missed the first time around, not realizing it was a management technique to hold managers’ feet to the fire.

I laughed when the commentators asked if we, the viewers noticed the police secretary who clipped coupons and they explained how they think about these details.

“Everything connects, it all matters” the commentators say.

Cutty realizes that “The Game” has changed from the last time he experienced it.  I love the scene where Colvin has to put on his uniform hat before the kid finally realizes he’s trying to sell to a cop. Hilarious stuff there.

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