Everyone Wants to be a Padawan

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Season 3, Episodes 5, 6, 7


“I want to learn the ways of The Force and become a Jedi like my father.” – Luke Skywalker to Obi Wan Kenobi

“Straight and True”padawan_definition

I noticed several characters looking for role models to emulate, and mentors to follow.  It reminded me of those character-defining moments in Star Wars when Luke Skywalker and Anakin both went to their mentors and asked to become their Padawan apprentices to learn how to become Jedi knights, adept at using The Force.

The episode starts with one of many tragic heroes, Cutty, who is trying for redemption, but he’s going about it in a pretty clumsy way. Apparently it’s not just drugs you can buy on the street; there are clean urine dealers as well who get their product from daycare establishments.  You can’t make this stuff up. Anyway, his search for a life on the straight and narrow lasts about five minutes and he’s back to what he knows best.


Totally loved the New Day Co-op Meeting in a hotel conference room.  Refreshments tables in the background and the tablecloths were great and made it look like every conference I’ve ever attended. Padawan #1: The Roberts Rules of Order kid who was taking meeting minutes struck me as an earnest Stringer apprentice wannabe.

Padawan #2: Colvin’s Round-up it’s clear that Herc has absolutely no situational awareness and Carver is starting to see how things work.  He’s a Colvin apprentice wannabe.

Padawan(s) #3: Bunk’s business cards are slowly coming back to him along with a mountain of useless information from confidential informant wannabes.

Favorite Quote of the Week: “Well, you shouldn’t sell drugs.” — Stringer Bell from the scene where Bodie is filling in Stringer on Colvin’s Hamsterdam plan. Stringer says it because he’s not sure if Bodie is wired, which Bodie proves by lifting his shirt.  Padawan #4: Bodie is Stringer Bell’s Padawan apprentice all the way.


People hanging out in their neighborhoods, hanging clean laundry, doing home repairs, kids playing in the streets are all evidence that Colvin’s Hamsterdam program is working.  In “The Wire”, I’ve noticed an overall pattern where clean laundry hanging out on the lines to dry is an indication of how the condition of the streets is going at the time. There’s a sno-cone stand on the corner where all the R.I.P. messages are spray-painted on the wall behind it. They times, they are a-changin’.

Bunk’s talk about community to Omar was some of the best acting we’ve seen from a police officer so far in “The Wire”. Stringer’s conversation with Clay Davis was just about the same; all the reminiscing about the old days and how things are different now, tougher, and more dog-eat-dog.

I can’t put my finger on it, but I have the same feelings about Carcetti that I had about Ziggy.  Both characters annoy me excessively.  With Ziggy, it’s easy to see how he annoys everyone around him, but Carcetti is too cocky and egotistical, covered in a slimy layer of  earnestness and seeming good intentions.  Bleh.

Anyone know where they filmed the Mayor’s office scenes?  The rooms look very authentic.

Cutty’s epiphany that he’s no longer built for The Game is a gutsy move, since we haven’t seen anyone so far that can leave the Barksdales and actually continue to breath air.

“Back Burners”

Cutty’s search for redemption seems to be back on track.  He ends up back with the Deacon asking for direction.

McNulty is being is usual authority-defiant self and Daniels is done with him.

Bernard’s girlfriend is priceless.  What a joy she is in his life as he goes all over Baltimore buying burner cells phones in small increments.

Carcetti’s adviser doesn’t buy his wide-eyed self-righteous routine which is refreshing.

Bubbles t-shirt business in Hamsterdam is getting to be scary proposition. The area at night looks and feels like some sort of post-apocalyptic horror film. People are starting to live there now, squatting in the abandoned buildings and needing mundane supplies like toilet paper.

Herc uses the word habitat in a sentence. Carver’s new tax initiative shows that he has been learning from Colvin. They set up a basketball hoop for the kids that are in Hamsterdam now. The hoop doesn’t have a long life.

Bunk gets the gun he’s been searching for, gift-wrapped by Omar in his favorite court tie.

The police finally find out that Avon Barksdale is out of jail.  They’re always a couple of steps behind.

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