Eleventh Hour – ds106 Blues

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As our eleventh hour of this course approaches, I’m experiencing a twinge of sadness. Part of that is because this has been the saddest season of watching “The Wire”.  It’s hardest for me to watch the kids and how messed up their parents and their home lives are.  Namond’s mother wanting him to be more like his father, the “good soldier” who worked for the Barksdales and watching kids who hold their food stamp cards and manage the family finances is tough. The other part of the melancholy is the end-of-semester closing down.  It always seems like it comes so soon and there’s still so much that I want to do and this course is no exception.  It’s been a great ride.

Wow, it’s been a TON of work and overcoming technology learning curves and using new tools to craft stories. I think I’m going to have to be #ds106 4 life because I’ve got this folder on my computer desktop called “future ds106” where I’ve been stashing ideas, sound clips, and pics that I run across.  It was supposed to be stuff that I would use in future assignments, but here we are at the end and my folder still has stuff in it. It’s 4 life!

1 TDC: “Downton Shabby Revisited”

11.5 Stars of Assignments: (Yeah, I got carried away)

“Create Your Dream Vacation on Pinterest” 3 stars – “First Time in London”

“Movie Mashup” 4.5 stars – “My Fair Abbey”

“Postcards from the Past” 4 stars – “Postcards from the Hedge”

4 Character Interactions:

Jay Landsman

Cutty Wise

Frank Sobotka

Ziggy Sobotka

2 Assignment Tutorials:

WANTED: A Tutorial

Tutorial: Legit I.D.

Comments I Made:

Imran Ahmed

Maggie Stough

Carmela Mitchell

Meredith Fierro


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  1. Imran Ahmed

    Really awesome work! It was great to know to you this semester! You’re an awesome person! I’m making a blog post the finale soon about the people I became friends with and stuff in my weekly post. Stay tune 😀


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