Downton Shabby and Guinea Pigs: A Weekly Summary

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Episode summaries:

I couldn’t listen to the commentary broadcasts on ds106 Radio because of scheduling conflicts, but I was able to download and listen to them on Saturday morning instead.  I lined up the video in one window and started the commentary in another and synched them that way so it made for a really good viewing/listening experience. Thank you, Paul Bond, for letting me know how to access the ds106 Radio Library! I summarized my thoughts on those episodes here.

2 TDCs:

“Guinea Pig World Domination” – Wow, this was a lot of fun, thinking of guinea pigs in evil terms. This was a lesson in how I need to pick up some skills in blending two different color/texture combinations to make a more seamless result.  I’ll get better, I know it.

“The Wire: Downton Shabby” – I was really pleased at how this turned out, graphically as well as the writing aspect. This elicited some excitement from Jim Groom who mistakenly thought it was our group radio show project.  It looks like this’ll become my final project idea though, which will be a lot of fun to do. I’ve been hoping a good opportunity for combining some Downton Abbey into The Wire would present itself.

Radio Show Project:

I made a bumper sticker for one of my commercials for our group radio show project here. We had an impromptu meeting over IM and voted on the show name which is now “Wired Buyers” for our product placement themed show.  We’re signing up for which ads we want to do, and I signed up for Kentucky Fried Chicken as well as Orlando’s Gentleman’s Club and Prop Joe’s electronics shop.  The last two will be ads for fake businesses which I think will give me a lot of leeway on how I want to handle them.  Really looking forward to that!

10 Stars of Audio Assignments:

All Me In The Scene – 3 stars – “Mimsy Borogoves”

Spooky Sounds – 3 stars – “Something Wicked This Way Comes”

Remix a Song with some Speech – 4 stars – “Their Finest Hour”

Comments I Made:

Syd Bauman

Travis Peed and here

Lauren Brumfield

N Randall

Danielle Niepokoj

La Kisha Mahone

Alison Thoet

Ien Harris

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