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a.k.a. Week Six Summary

I had a blast doing Design Week!  I wasn’t sure how it would differ from other visual aspects, but now I understand that it’s the application of concepts and intent plays a role. Here’s what I did this week:

Episodes 9, 10, 11 summarized here: Done on the Docks: Ziggy’s Goose is Cooked

Thoughts on The Vignelli Canon

Thingen Werken und Stuffen: The Design of Things Photoblitz – I enjoyed looking for good, bad, and failing designs. It’s funny how happy I get when something that is designed well works for me, especially tools.  I get a warm, happy inner glow of satisfaction when I can use a tool that never fails me.

I made a new Design Assignment: “Let’s See Some ID”

Postcards from Magical Places – 3 stars – “Brother Mouzone Sends His Love”

Design Your Favorite Book Cover  – 3 stars – “Fifty Shades of Wee Bey”

Motivational Poster – 2.5 stars – “Anger Management”

Venn Pop Culture – 4.5 stars – “Hamsterdam Venn”

Let’s See Some ID – 2 stars – “Brother Mouzone’s Library Card”

3 TDCs:

H2O + SiO2

“Make Comments, Dammit!”  Jim Groom’s exhortations haunt me.

1000th Mission Moonwalk: TDC Hits 1,000!!  I was particularly pleased with how this turned out.  The blending and overlay sure seems to go smoother when your layers start with basically the same color palette.

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