Dark Days – Notes on S4:E 8, 9, 10

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Episode 8 “Corner Boys” – “We got our thing, but it’s just part of the big thing.” Zenobia

Ahhh, poor Fuzzy Dunlop is getting blamed for providing bad intel.

Colvin pointing out to the kids in the classroom that it’s their training ground for the corners later on and that it’s a safe environment for them to practice without guns and police is a real eye-opener.

Bunk is doing real investigative work trying to get to the bottom of the framing of Omar.

Carcetti is observing and he’s getting lessons he didn’t anticipate: entrapment, minor arrests, etc.

Best part of the entire episode: Proposition Joe’s character impressions on the phone as he tracks down who Det. Hauk is….BRILLIANT!

Young Michael runs the finances in his household, holds the DSS card and provides his mother her allowance of walking around money. That was a really sad moment for me.

Episode 9 “Know Your Place” 

I cannot get enough of Proposition Joe. He’s teaching too much of his game to Marlo, giving away too many tips and making himself obsolete in the process.

Boys in the classroom figuring out how to buy candy in bulk and re-sell at a profit, but they’re stumped without a credit card. Good thing they paid attention to Prezbo’s math probability lessons.

Carcetti is shaking things up in the police force so fast, everyone’s heads are spinning…or actually rolling right off.

Watching the kids at dinner with Colvin was like watching aliens trying to operate in a foreign habitat. All they really want is to turn up their music when they get into his car, and beg to go to McDonald’s – they want to get back to their familiar environment.

This season has been so sad with all the school-aged kids and their family life problems.

Episode 10 “Misgivings” – “World goin’ one way, people another.” Pooh

Laughed at the opening scene of the kid driving like he’s in bumper cars, and then the police officer giving chase ends up hitting a citizen’s car in the end. Totally cringed when the same cop broke the kid’s fingers. Yikes.

Herc needs to stop slinging crap and really stand up for Bubbles if he wants his camera back. Officer Walker is becoming a serious problem for Bubbles as well as the corner boys.

Omar’s surveillance of Marlo’s activities is top notch. He knows more than the police do about all of it.

Every time Clay Davis is in a scene it feels slimy.

We’re back in the stats-juking business, both on the street and in the schools.

Bubbles can spin Herc around and get some justice on his own, phoning in the Reverend’s license plate to Herc. In some ways, Bubbles shows better decision-making and judgement than Herc does.

Carcetti and Daniels are beginning to build a new working relationship, which has Clay Davis running scared.

Bunk and McNulty’s kids have really grown up. Wow!

Bodie is upset to learn that Kevin was taken out. Pooh’s wisdom for him is basically that it’s a dog-eat-dog world and everyone is out for himself.

These are the darkest days of the show, in my opinion. The despair of the kids and their home and school life situations are downright depressing.

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