It’s Just A Fad

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I had a co-worker who told me the internet “was just a fad” and the fan fervor would die down soon.  That was in late 1995 when I was first venturing out and using things like telnet and Delphi and CompuServe chat rooms you could find by logging onto servers and surfing through lists of “channels” or “rooms” where people were hanging out.  These were listed by their titles which were topical, so I headed for the one in which I felt most comfortable typing to strangers I couldn’t see — it was a Star Trek room with two other people sitting in it.

It all started with “Hi”, and “welcome”.  People were nicer back then. Their cloaks of anonymity weren’t hardened yet, and everyone was exploring the new digital frontier together.  We gave each other helpful advice on upgrading computer components, chatted about our lives, and enjoyed the social concepts of exchanging ideas and opinions with people we would never have encountered in our analog lives.  Chatting with new, strange people from all over the globe, how cool and exciting that was in 1995!

Anyway, I’m still waiting for the fervor to die down.  It’s just a fad.

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