Circle the Wagons!

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Today’s Daily Create was the Thirty Circle Challenge.  I had heard of this before as a creative workshop exercise and also as an icebreaker at seminars, but this was my first experience doing it.  Starts out easy, and if you’re in the groove, you can knock ’em out.  I got interrupted and stalled, but was able to resume again when I got my groove back.  I went with a fine point Sharpie, and used a yellow highlighter on the crescent moon, but left the rest in black and white because I thought the contrast was cool.  My daughter has already requested my art when I’m done posting it, and I highly suspect she has plans to color everything.

2014-10-24 19.10.44

4 responses to “Circle the Wagons!

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  2. Imran Ahmed

    This is really creative! So much much better than my one! haha. I really like the creativeness that you did for that daily create! Awesome job! 😀

  3. Ien

    My favorite is the one that seems to represent a petri dish! I like how they all seem to represent different aspects of your interests. Makes me wish I had done this daily create.


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