Cha-Ching Goes The Swear Jar

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I’ve wanted to do something with this scene since I saw it in my pre-semester binge-watch of “The Wire”.  It’s a terrific use of photography and positioning, with very little sound and dialogue.  Pretty much the only dialogue is a repeated epithet used with a variety of inflections and emphases. I replaced it with a cash register sound effect, to put an imaginary quarter into a Swear Jar.  I did the video editing using Movie Maker, and added the sound effect in the appropriate spots with the Add Music tool.  I increased the volume on the sound effect to drown out the expletive.


Cash Register Sound – by kiddpark


4 responses to “Cha-Ching Goes The Swear Jar

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    1. Quinntero Post author

      Yeah, I had originally envisioned a F__kIt Bucket with a dollar sign on it, down in a lower corner and a dollar sign would drop into it each time you heard the cash register sound. Some sort of a superimposed Monty Pythonesque graphic thing over the movie, but I couldn’t figure out how to accomplish it. I’ll keep playing around with it, because I’d like to do something like it in my final project too. Stay tuned!


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