Buckets Behind Bars

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Here’s another bumpersticker for a commercial I’m doing for the radio show.  I’m working on a Kentucky Fried Chicken commercial, and I’ll want a graphic for the SoundCloud posting when I get it done, so I decided to go ahead and do it now to get me in a chickeny mood.  This is  for a fictitious program “Buckets Behind Bars” that I envision might’ve happened for Avon Barksdale who apparently lives pretty well in prison where the guards bring him KFC.  Friends drop by to hang out in his cell and chow down with him.  As Maggie said, he looks like he’s a college kid hanging out in his dorm room.  Mos def.


And here’s version 2, per Jim Groom’s suggestion, complete with do-rag — thanks for the tip!!




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