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Brother Mouzone Comin’: Episodes 7, 8, 9 from Season 2

Episode 7

Bodie in the florist shop asking for “strong colors like red and black” on his housing project flower arrangement was surreal.  The florist had the interesting gun arrangement in the back room suggesting there is enough demand for that sort of thing, for their back room clientele.

“Whigga” was a new term for me.  That kid named Frog was just as ridiculous to me as he apparently was to Nick. Oh, and while we’re talking about new terms, “appiant” is new for me as well.  I would’ve thought someone applying for a wire tap would be called an “applicant”.  New words!

Poor Fuzzy Dunlop couldn’t “stand up to the pressures of the modern urban crime environment”.

The longshoremen in the bar played “Love Child” on the jukebox as they pranked Ziggy — priceless.

Episode 8

McDrunky is back, oh boy. “Captain Chesapeake” gets a real case.

Kids are playing in the courtyard and Bodie and Pooh are told to keep moving by the police.  The quality of the Barksdale product is down and the clientele has moved on to stronger stuff.

Big brother Lou Sobotka is still the only one keeping the Devil down in the hole: “Whatever I got comes straight”.

Ziggy’s need to be the bigshot is pathetic. Sobotka’s question “What’s with the duck?” and Nick’s one-word answer “Ziggy” explains everything.

Episode 9

Totally the most powerful episode in this threesome!

Stringer’s lecture to Bodie about “you gotta show some flex” for the give and take of the situation is delivered in typical Stringer-style when he’s talking to subordinates: hands behind his back.

The barge catching the tossed guns earned a chuckle. The other chuckle came from McDrunky trying to do an English accent to see if he could pass as an unsuspicious John. This role is played by Dominic West who is from an Irish Catholic family and was born in Yorkshire, England. His fake British accent was believably horrible.  Nice acting!

I love how they portray the well-lit cube farms over at the FBI as being all high-tech.  I have friends who work there and they paint a different picture, but maybe anything is a step up from Baltimore city.

The mysterious Agent Koutros (certainly a Greek-sounding name) looks up a number in his contact book, which implies it’s not a number he calls frequently, and passes on the info that the FBI is looking into things.  The Greek has friends in high places, even the FBI.

When Bodie is presented with his barge bag of guns and the cops tell him he’s stupid but he doesn’t know it because that’s part of the stupidity, he knows he’s the sharpest mind in the room.  Then the cops point to the wrong gun when they bluff that they can tie his fingerprints to one of them.  They confirmed he’s the sharpest person in the room.

Stringer’s lecture to his soldiers in the funeral parlor is a Baltimore version of a “come-to-Jesus” meeting in the CEO’s office.  LOVED it.  He holds Bodie back and in a classic leadership move, brings in Bodie to the inner trust circle. Classic management move.

The man-purse provided to McDrunky was priceless. “Spot on”.

greeks_benchI can’t explain why, but I really liked the symmetry of this scene, where the FBI Greek and The Greek meet up and share info. You see them talking, their lips move and there are gestures and an exchange of a slip of paper, but the background noise has been deliberately engineered to cover up their conversation.  They know how to avoid bugs.  This is a great example of a scene that only worked visually, as the sound was meant to obscure everything else.

That same slip of paper gets handed to Sobotka in his office by the FBI Greek. They go inspect some cardboard cylinders of pigments. Nobody knows what they’re looking for, and Sobotka says tonight he doesn’t know anything, he’s just “a dumb white boy from Locust Point”. Closer inspection of the paint pigments reveals a bonanza of drug info. Lotta drugs on the table.

Brother Mouzone comin’.

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