Bounty Hunting & Beads

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It was a good week!  Fun assignments, good community interactions, and the focus on visual aspects was fun.

Continuing my original list of prequel questions, I’d like to add another item: What is the background on the relationship between The Greek and Spiros?  They don’t seem like father and son, but there is some mileage there, and I’d love to know that story.

Oh, and what’s up with that Pi tatoo on Nick’s neck?

2 TDCs:

“Patently Stylish”

“Bad Grooming”

12.5 stars of Visual Assignments:

Made a new assignment: Story Beads

Made another new assignment: WANTED: Poster

Tweet-Along: Tuesday, Sept. 23: “It Ain’t All In The Sound, Yo”

Season 2, Episodes 7, 6, 8: I wrote about these episodes here: “Brother Mouzone Comin’”

20-minute Photoblitz – I saved this for last because I knew it would be the most fun out of all the assignments.  I was right!

ds106 comments I made:



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  2. Jim Groom

    Brilliant week, and keep the father/son think between the Greek and Vonde in your mind. And interesting element of that comes up when they are talking about Nick that I think confirms your hunch here. You’ve done an awesome job commenting and contributing more generally, keep it up!


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