A Whole Lotta Learnin’ Goin’ On

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Season 3, Episodes 8, 9, 10

I totally love that the drug dealer in Hamsterdam wants to file a police report on a theft.  How quickly perception changes as people adapt to their circumstances!

Lester Freamon appreciates the discipline it takes to drive 200 miles on a cell phone purchasing expedition every few weeks. If he only knew what that girl in the car was like, he’d have an entirely new and even deeper appreciation.

Carver is becoming a city manager and social worker in Colvin’s great social experiment.

Clay Davis is “bringing along” Stringer Bell who is growing frustrated at playing a long game, when he’s more accustomed to playing a short game with faster gratification.

The Deacon points out that Colvin is the Mayor of the Village of Pain and that he’s taken on new social responsibilities for his “citizens” who need running water, needle exchanges, birth control, etc. Then The Deacon helps get Cutty set up in boxing.

Carcetti gets schooled on politics from his old friend.

McNulty gets schooled on race relations from a small-town police.

Omar schools his crew about not hitting dealers in Hamsterdam because his predatory instincts smell a trap.

Stringer schools Avon on who had D’Angelo killed. Now that the big secret is out, it falls to Avon to do something about it.

McNulty is not getting the Parent of the Year Award as he leaves his kids alone while he answers a booty call in the middle of the night. Ugh.

Really good scene where Lester and Prez film McNulty going on his soapbox about how terrific they are at building big cases.  Freamon points out to McNulty that he needs to make a life outside of the work, because there won’t be any reward, closure, or any kind of end to it all.

Cutty goes through the bureacracy to get his business permits for his boxing venture. Daniels goes through similar hoops with the wireless company to get consumer info from burner phones.

Totally love that Omar’s Grandmother’s churchgoing hat is called a “crown”. LOVE that.

Avon scolds Stringer for giving the go-ahead on Omar’s Grandmother on a Sunday and Stringer scolds Avon for making things tough for the other members of the New Day Co-op.  They are each operating in totally different worlds and it’s as if they don’t realize it.

Prez ends his career by shooting a plainclothes cop by accident. It’s tragic because of what a good cop he is because he can use his brains and build cases, but he’s just not cut out to be a street cop.

Stringer gets to learn about the bureacracy from Clay Davis and he’s just about had enough.

Herc drops the dime on Hamsterdam.  That’s not going to end well.

McNulty talks about politicians not connecting with his world, meanwhile he’s not connecting with his date.

The final scene with Prez sitting in the dark office and you see all the computer screens and the tech sounds in the background is my favorite of this episode.  He’s sad, and saying goodbye to the place where he really blossomed in his career.

Proposition Joe’s line “Stir up a hornet’s nest, never know who gonna get stung.” Love that line.  It sums up the tension that opens this episode.  Everyone is tense, people are getting shot and it’s making the corner boys paranoid, looking over their shoulders. The Avon vs. Marlo war is heating up. He gets another good line which was the epigraph: “…call it a crisis of leadership”.

Colvin’s explanation of real policing to Carver is very thoughtful.  Soldiering isn’t policing.

Avon has a grenade.  He’s totally in escalation mode, and Stringer shows up to talk him into calming down so that the New Day Co-op doesn’t cut them out. They just aren’t in synch anymore.

Colvin’s secret is out of the bag and Burrell had to deliver the bad news to the Mayor.  It’s not going to end well, but at least Colvin has a parachute plan.

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