Wanted: A New Visual Assignment

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Soooo, I made a new assignment called “WANTED Poster” under the Visual category in the Assignment Bank. It was inspired by the “Y U NO DRAW JIM GROOM” daily create, but because I am horrible at drawing and I wanted to include a writing aspect, I decided to create an opportunity for writing and bounty hunting.  Who doesn’t enjoy a good bounty hunt every once in awhile?

There are several wanted poster generators out there, but I went with the one at Mobilefish because it had the most flexibility with text and that’s where the fun was for me.

So, the assignment is to create your wanted poster, and then blog about the list of crimes your person of interest has committed.  I added the blog aspect because I wanted some deeper storytelling and a meatier assignment than that of a Daily Create.

I created the example image of a certain someone we all know to get things rolling.  Enjoy!

WANTED: Jim Groom

WANTED: Jim Groom

5 responses to “Wanted: A New Visual Assignment

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    1. Quinntero Post author

      Exactly! He looks like a harmless, affable guy…and then he starts spewing provocative ideas that get you out of your comfort zone and it’s all downhill from there. He must be apprehended soon, before he incites a riot of free-thinking all over campus.

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