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No Comments on DGST 201, or “The Making of a Maker”

It’s a course called “Tinkering, Hacking, and Making” and it’s all about celebrating the Maker Movement.  How cool is that?  We had our first meeting today in the Maker Space at the library called the ThinkLab.  There were shelves with bins spilling over with soldering irons, wires, pieces, parts, and all sort of gadgetry.

Fun times ahead!

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No Comments on Finals Are Done. Finally.


It’s been a really hard semester and it’s over.  It started with a car wreck in the second week, and ran downhill quickly with news of student deaths, and several rounds of cheating in my department. On the brighter side of things, a core group of my friends really solidified into a supportive group of moral-building and uplifting people that were the supportive structure upon which my success was scaffolded...

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No Comments on CPSC 305 a.k.a. Chips-N-Dip

I’m getting ready for the final exam next week, and thought I’d get down a few thoughts on this class.  It was not a requirement for the GIS track of my Computer Science major, but I really wanted to take it anyway because it involved learning how to build circuits on a breadboard.  I’d already bought some of the wires, breadboards, and LEDs because I wanted to learn this stuff last Summer and ran out of time...

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No Comments on Release the Kraken!

I just turned in the final paper due for this semester,  a full day before the deadline because the professor said in his email “I will look more favorably upon papers that are turned in BEFORE the Friday deadline”.


That means you’ve just thrown down the gauntlet and made the deadline Thursday instead of Friday.

I accept your challenge, Dr. Professor.

So, that means the only thing in front of me are final exams next week...

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No Comments on Cache Management

Not to be confused with “cash management”.

Part II of our final coding project for CPSC 220 was to build a cache manager that would store info in an array, allow the user to attempt to enter new stuff into that array, check the array to make sure that new stuff didn’t already exist, and if it really was new stuff, go ahead and let the user enter it...

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No Comments on CPSC 220: Project 2, a.k.a. The Luhny Bin

It turns out a clever mathematician named Luhn (loon) invented an algorithm to dance through the digits that make up your credit card number and run a check to see if it is a valid credit card.

It also turns out I’m a terrible mathematician and have NO idea how Luhn’s Algorithm actually works. But, as a budding computer scientist I don’t need to understand the mathemagical inner workings, just the conceptual steps so that I could complete Project 2 in my CPSC 220...

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No Comments on These Are Not The Droids You’re Looking For…

Code samples, completed computer programming projects, GIS maps and data analysis projects, meaning of life, DIY crop circles, who knows what may appear here in a few weeks.

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