About the Wafflestomper



plural noun

ankle boots with ridged soles, used especially for hiking.
Origin: 1970–75,  Americanism — Wafflestomping is slang for hiking, based upon the main piece of equipment used: wafflestompers.  So, lace up your boots and prepare for the trek!

Wafflestomper In A Nutshell

I absolutely love having the knowledge, power, and authority to fix things. In the workplace, this translates to : I absolutely love managing people and projects. I enjoy beating deadlines with a group of people that value the contribution each one brings to the table.

Computer programming: It’s fun to pick up someone else’s code and figure out what it does, and then extend it to do other things, or the same things better.

Tinkering: There was a Raspberry Pi under the Christmas tree for me this year, along with some gizmos and a soldering iron.  I’m hoping to build something this summer, and in the meantime I’m studying up and practicing soldering.  Those aren’t burn marks on my fingers, those are experiential learning credits.

Computer gaming: Specifically, massively multiplayer gaming with other social-minded obsessively goal-oriented geeks.

Fishing, camping, canoeing:   I used to have free time and did these things.  Now I read about them in between programming assignments.

Likes:  Hot coffee, room service, and the Oxford comma.  Pay attention to that last one; it will be on the quiz.

Dislikes:  Cold coffee, paper cuts, and writing about myself.

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